Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Challenge #10

Hey there !

Sorry for the delay in posting this new challenge...
I think we can keep on extending the duration for the moment (but having one), so here you go :

Subject: Bad mood
Deadline: December 31st

Be creative :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Review

Here it's the result of Challenge #9: From dusk till dawn.

Edu- I like a lot your personal point of view of this challenge. On my opinion, it was a very nice idea to use only the font of light of the desktop. This picture tells the story of your brother (I think) spending nights studying and preparing exams. Definetively, I like it a lot!

Pepe- I admit that when I proposed the idea for the challenge, I was thinking on night photography, but your idea is amazing! I like it a lot!! I think you did a good job and, of course your idea is really original! My congratulations!

LeMouton- Very original and very funny idea!! I like the light of your picture, and how you prepared something very simple but using a good technique. Congratulations also for your idea and your work!!

Olivier- It's a pity your problem with your camera. I hope you'll recover your equipment soon. In any case, I would like to encourage you to post something about your last voyage in India and Himalaya.

Me- Well, I think it should be better if you give your opinion about my work with this challenge rather than me. In any case, my previous idea was, as I said, night photography; due to the fact that it's something almost rare for me. I tried my best with this picture of the city centre of Seville. I think it isn't original, but I hope you like it!

Good jobs, guys. I think Challenge #9 was a success! So, good luck with the next one!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Fernando R. Diz

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the delay, but those last weeks were a bit complicated for me. In any case, here is my proposal for the challenge number 9. I hope you'll like it!

This picture was taken in Sevilla (South of Spain) during the night of the 7th of november. I didn't use a tripod.

All the best!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Challenge #9 - LeMouton

The wake up time is also hard for birds, that's why they sing a lot.
Proof in the following :]

Challenge #8 - Review

Behold the final result for Challenge #8:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Pepe

Hi to all. Here there is my proposal for this challenge. I know it's not a picture, but I got the idea and I thought U would like it. I made it with a picture serial, and this is a good way to give to all of you as nice present as a sunset in mine and Fernando's city. I hope U will enjoy it, and Im sorry for doing it out of the previously stablished rules :) Enjoy and have fun! Ha det bra.
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Monday, 2 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Edu

So first again!!
I'd like to dedicate this shot to my bro for being so patient with me taking the picture. ;)

From dusk till dawn, originally uploaded by selied.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Challenge #8 - Pepe

There is my proposal for "Fallen". I hope U will like it. Let's go forthe next one... Fernando, i don't know what are u looking for with this challenge, but I promis I'll try to surprise U. All U have a very nice day.

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Challenge #9

Hi all!

As Pepe said, we can keep on with the blog! So, here is my new proposal for a new challenge:

Subject: From dusk till dawn
Deadline: Without it!

Good luck and good nights!! hahaha!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Challenge #8 - Fernando R. Diz

Well, first of all, I'm sorry for the delay. I hope you like my personal point of view of the topic. The title of the image is 'Happy Fall' and I would like to wish you very nice lights for this Fall.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Challenge #8 - Olivier

So so so... that's quite obvious that we're all pretty busy... apart from Edu maybe ? :P

Here is my photo for the Challenge #8, that's exactly what I had in mind when I saw the subject, so I hope you'll like it !
It's quite simple in fact, but it took time to find a nice leave in summer (I found it and kept it home for this photo more than two weeks ago ^^) and to find a nice angle to shoot it...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Zuiko 70-300 F:4-5.6

I got a new toy for my E-420!! Although being a superzoom, the Zuiko 70-300 is a very light lens (620 gr). I've been playing with it these last days and I got results like these:

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Challenge #8 - Edu

So this is my proposal, I did my first steps into strobism and used some photoshop. Enjoy! :)

Friday, 31 July 2009

Challenge #8


So as I wrote you in my email, here is the subject that I chose:

Subject: "Fallen"
Deadline: 9th of August

Have fun with it, and be imaginative!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Challenge #7 - Review

Hi guys. Here's my review for the last challenge. At first, and as always, congratulations for the pictures. All of them are covering the subject as I was expecting. I'll comment each one separately with my opinion as follows:

Le Mouton: you are always giving pictures playing with the meaning and the sense. I like it, because it's a way to give the contrast to the challenges. I like this picture, and I agree with your iterpretation of the image. You give in a bigger or smaller degree all those impresions with the shot.

Olivier: olala mon ami... hahahaha. Really, the picture looks very simple, and i like it a lot. The colour and the order, finally, the symmetry gives me the sensation of "perfect order". I like an equilibrium between both sides of everything. And I like the difused background. You are getting good control of your flash, I already knew it. Very nice.

Edu: Orchidea, this is one of my favourite flowers (professional deformation) one of the characteristics is the bilateral symmetry, and is one of the family with more species all over the world. The adaptations are quite widespread, even most of them are in the tropics... but farder than this comment, I like the idea. The only detail that i can see is that the shadow doesn't give symmetry, but I can imagine that is not easy to find it in the nature, almost not a perfect symmetry. Any way, i like the idea, in fact I was thinking on looking for the symmetry on the nature, but it was a bit complicated (takes to much time and I have not enough of it right now).

Fernando: like me, you decided to work with photo software. I always liked to do this, there are some cases that is not necessary or is not good to use it, but in my opinion is a very good tool to make good images. I like more the second one, because of the colours, and the perfect symmetry that you made. Clean, ordered and colourful, three things I like in a picture.

About me, Pepe: when I posted this challenge, I had no idea at all, about what I would do, in fact, I made the pictures one day before the deadline. I was looking for something that could give symmetry from different points. As I said, for me, symmetry gives an idea of perfect order, equilibrium, and calm. The stones, are giving the equilibrium, and the typical zen sense that we can find in the publicity. The contrast between the black and white stones is not symetric, but putting the picture upside down on the other side, gives a simple look. I tried to show the symmetry trought the equilibrium, and I'm satisfied with the result, but as I say always, those are my comments and my opinions, and I'm more interested on what does my image give than saying what I want to give with it.

Congratulations to all, and thank you very much for your work.

Have fun and good luck!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Challenge #7 - Fernando R. Diz

First of all, I'm sorry for the delay! Here, in the South of Spain, we're living a very hard Summer (almost every day over 35ºC); so you can imagine I don't want to take pictures outside. Anyway, I did it, and I'm posting them.
This time I wanted to do something different. I selected two landscapes that I got during this month, and I used photoshop to look for the symmetry. The first one was done duplicating the image, inverting and using the effect of marine waves. Thus, the effect is like a reflect over the sea.

This second one, was done in a similar way, but in this case I duplicated the image, and inverted it horizontally. It's a typical mediterranean landscape, well, the original picture.

I hope you'll like them!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Challenge #7 - Pepe

Hi guys. There is my proposal for this challenge. I have been playing with the PC, because it was a bit difficult to put the stones on the water surface without falling into the deep. I hope u will like it. Have fun.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sperm whale fluke

I shot this photo when doing one of my last trips around Norway. To be precise we went to Andenes, a small town in Andøy (see map) and booked a safari (

Despite the windy weather, we managed to catch sight of three sperm whales. I have to say that one of the best moments was when the boat had to wait until the whale came to the surface; all the crew in silence, looking at the horizon, expecting to see its characteristic left aimed spout followed by the adrenaline rush when finally the whale appears.

By the end of the day we also could enjoy the Midnight Sun. An unforgettable experience!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Challenge #7 - Edu

I'm not satisfied at all with it, but anyway. :P

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Challenge #7 - Olivier

Hello everybody :)

Al final, I'm a bit early too... I just had time today to put my idea in place and shoot it. I kept it simple, 'cause I'm just beginning to learn using my flashes... here it is :

Hope you like it !

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Challenge #7 - LeMouton

I decided this time to make the picture very early since I won't be as free as I want in the next 2 weeks...

First of all, I really liked the idea of this challenge, I really do. I had plenty of ideas for that.
But as you know I like to play a bit with the thema of each challenge, I came up with the idea of the asymmetry ^^ So with this idea and the help of my girlfriend, who made the mask, I realized a shot of myself representing the two sides of my personality: the known one that everyone knows and can see at the left, and the unknown one... To emphasize this idea, I made the shot very clear as it make me more like a good person, almost a holy guy, which put some more mystery to my "unknwon" side. I also tried to make the face expression in that way. Hope you'll like it and, of course, any comments will be appreciate.

Thanks :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Challenge #7

Hi to all. I know I'm giving the challenge so late. If there is not time enough for all, for me is not a problem to give more time (all you know that I have never problems with it).
So, for not lose time, there is the challenge:

Challenge: "Symmetry"
Deadline: Sunday, 26, July, 2009.

Have fun!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Challenge #6 – LeMouton

Good evening everyone!

First, I didn't want to participate to the challenge for many reasons. But at the end, I found some time yesterday evening to try to do something. So I took the opportunity.

But since I didn't have so many time to think about an idea, this picture won't be as good as I wanted it at first. Sorry for that :(

Challenge #6 - Olivier

'morning !

Okay, here is my photo... seems like we're not gonna be a lot participating in this challenge ^^
Well I bet everyone's quite busy working on reports or returning back home...

So, my photo :

I'm not really sure, whether I'm satisfied with it or not... That's not what I wanted at first, I would have liked a big light coming from outside and one in the inside. But I'm still waiting for another trigger for my second flash, so I could trigger both flashes only from the same point.
Thus, I used one flash to light the floor towards the broken glass, and one up to the ceiling to add ambient light.

I've got another idea in mind, maybe I'll try to do it along with a photo for another challenge !

Challenge #5 - Review

Sorry about the delay, I have been very busy these last weeks.
It has been a very interesting challenge and the result is awesome.

Fernando - Simple as it is, I love the colours and the framing. Great picture!!!

Pepe - Very funny picture!! I like it a lot although I see there is some noise on it unfortunately.

LeMouton - I love how you handle each challenge, very creative as always. And I see you used the little squirrel a mexican friend of ours gave to you!! ;)

Olivier - Impressive picture!! I also agree with you about the flash light matter. BTW, your second picture it's even greater!!!!

About my picture there's not much to say, maybe I should try to change the way I take the pictures, always long exposure playing with lights. :P

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Challenge #6 - Fernando R. Diz

This time I will post two images that I really like them.

First one is named 'Flamingos have gone'. I took this image from a window of my home. This group of flamingos flies everyday in front of my home, at the sunset (I'm lucky, I know). For me, this image is full of sense about bird migrations.

The second one, I will called it as 'I tried a portrait, but the blackbird had gone'. ;)
I was coming back from a photography session in a salt mine, when I came across a blackbird really close to me, eating a worm. I prepared the camera to try the picture, but the blackbird had gone. Well, I got this surprising image. I say 'surprising' 'cause I got surprised when I saw it in the screen of my camera.

I hope you'll enjoy them!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Challenge #6

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay I forgot to launch challenge #6 !!
So here you go :

Subject: "Gone"
Deadline: 5th of July, 23:59

See you in two weeks :P

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Challenge #5 - Fernando R. Diz

Hi everybody!

Well, I recognise, as Pepe, that I haven't too much time to think about the challenge. This is my proposal. In any case I hope you'll enjoy it!

Challenge #5 - Pepe

Im sorry for this picture. I know It's very simple, and to be honest, I didn't take time enough to think about this subject :S I'll try to make another one if I have time before tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you to enjoy it.
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Challenge #5 - LeMouton

Here is the participation of Pidjay. He's got some problems with his internet connection so I'm posting it for him !

Edit Pidjay:
First, thanks to Olivier for posting my picture yesterday ;)

Then a short explanation about my pictures (yes, I added a new one ^^). The point was to treat the subject without showing any fire (just like the "Simply water" challenge where I didn't use any water). I came up with the idea of the first picture but I wasn't so satisfied with it. So I decided to take more pictures with a slightly different idea. I didn't want to show fire but why couldn't I show remains of fire? I also added some details to the match to personify it.
Hope you'll like my idea.

Challenge #5 - Edu

While taking the picture I was hoping not to trigger the fire alarm in my building. Luckily it didn't happen. :P

Edit: I know it looks similar to those of Pepe and LeMouton from last challenge but my idea was to do something with fireballs, unfortunately I didn't have time to make them. :(

Challenge #5 - Olivier

Hey you :)

So here is my participation to the fifth challenge. As soon as I read the subject, I had this in mind :

I'm not fully satisfied with it though... that's the first time I was using an off-camera flash and I didn't have time to tweak the exposure, as the girl had to go :(
And I'm still waiting for some gels to put on my flash. Here the flash light is white and the flame yellow, that's really not appropriate ^^

But anyway I hope you like the idea !
Here's what I had already taken some time ago which I would have liked to put here :

Monday, 8 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Review

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you on your work with this challenge! It's really nice the originality of each picture.

Olivier - I wasn't just dissapointed! I really like a lot your personal style of your pictures. This photography is perfect! I didn't think about any point of light in such explicit way, but I think you were really careful studying the situation and selecting the composition. Even, I would like to congratulate you on using the square format for this composition. I think it really gives the strenth of the photo. Congratulations!!

Pepe - You spend too much time with LeMouton, or he spends too much time with you. I don't know :) Your idea is simple and nice! I like a lot your second picture. It's almost what I was looking for when I proposed the challenge. I think you got a good texture. Just one thing, be careful with exposition. If you look carefuly the image, the small finger is completely white. Anyway it's a good picture.
Your first image is very original! I like a lot the colours. They make the image a bit disturbing (I'm not sure if this is the word). I would like to propose you to try the square format for this image. What do you think?

LeMouton - Just one picture but very nice! I'm just imaging the rest of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. :)
I think the exposition selected emphasizes the texture of the hand. Fingers also create a good composition. Congratulations!!

My own picture - Well, I can't critizise my own picture. I know it isn't original. When I proposed the challenge I was thinking on this picture. I were lucky and the last Friday was cloudy. I was editing other photographs when I saw this 'touch of light' through the window. So I took my camera and just shoot it. This is the result. I'm sorry for not being more original, but I had my camera with the sensor completely dusty. If you know how can I clean it? :)

Edu - Such a nice idea!!! Completely shocking!! Very nice!! How did you got it? and how did you got this blue lights? Very simple but very original! I like it! Congratulations!

Challenge #5

So, here it is challenge number 5.

Subject: "Playing with fire"
Deadline: 21th of June 2009

I hope you enjoy with this subject. ;)

Challenge #4 - Edu

Enjoy. :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Fernando

Hi all! Here is my unique proposal to the challenge of 'A touch of light':

This town is where I live, its name is Puerto Real. Yesterday in the afternoon I saw this 'touch of light' over the town. I'm sorry 'cause I had some extra ideas for this challenge, but I have some technical problems with my camera. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Challenge #4 - LeMouton

Hi everyone!

As usual I just post one picture... I hope you'll like it ;)

Challenge #4 - Pepe

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Challenge #3 - Review

For this challenge, I had no precise idea of what I expected. I just wanted you to think about this simple word to give your best :)

You were the first this time and you give us a really great job! Both of your pics are well composed and well thinked! My preference goes to your first one. Everything in the composition is related to the bow of the rainbow. Really a great job!

I don't have much to say for the first picture... Too much houses, no really main subject, ... a bit messy for me ^^' But I really like your second photography. That's very simple but a good job :)

You've got an original idea for this subject. I'm so glad of this because that's what I wanted :p
But I don't understand why you only took your color wheel without any composition. Your picture looks more like a drawing than a photography...

Let's try for the next challenge (I know you already did it ^^)

About my own photo, I thought about a B&W composition to take the opposite way of the subject which is all about colors. So I came up with the idea of using my bow and some drops of water to represent my own interpretation of the subject. Finally I used a touch of color to enhance the presence of the water on the bow.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Olivier

Hi guys :)

Sorry again that I didn't post anything on the previous challenge...
To compensate, here is my participation to Fernando's challenge already !

This has been taken in a tunnel of an old parisian railway called "la petite ceinture". It was used before the subway was built in the early twenties, from 1862 to 1934, circling around Paris at that time. A large part of the railway is still present, and quite easy to access when you know the entrance points :)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Challenge #4

Sorry for the delay!

Here is the next challenge!

Subject 'A touch of light'.
Deadline June 7th, 2009

Good luck and good lights for everybody!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Challenge #3 - LeMouton

Hi guys ^^
Here is my idea for this challenge. A bow and some drops of rain... that's it :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Challenge #3 - Fernando

Hi all!
I'm really sorry about just posting one shot for the 3th challenge, but I was really busy with a local photography award (I was awarded with the second prize !)).
The title of my proposal is 'The colour Wheel'. I was trying to catch the rainbow, but here, in Cádiz, is almost impossible from april to november (well, indeed yesterday night was the lattest rain for over a month). Thus, I painted eight concentric circles in a paper with the rainbow colours. I fixed the circle to a pinwheel and I turned it on in front of the camera. I selected a slow shutter speed and a smooth light. The result is there! I hope yu'll enjoy it!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Challenge #3 - Edu

My turn. Not satisfied either but anyway. Hoping to see yours, guys. :)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Challenge #3 - Pepe

There are my pictures. Im not completely satisfied with them, but after some work there is the result. I hope you to enjoy them.

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