Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Challenge #10

Hey there !

Sorry for the delay in posting this new challenge...
I think we can keep on extending the duration for the moment (but having one), so here you go :

Subject: Bad mood
Deadline: December 31st

Be creative :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Review

Here it's the result of Challenge #9: From dusk till dawn.

Edu- I like a lot your personal point of view of this challenge. On my opinion, it was a very nice idea to use only the font of light of the desktop. This picture tells the story of your brother (I think) spending nights studying and preparing exams. Definetively, I like it a lot!

Pepe- I admit that when I proposed the idea for the challenge, I was thinking on night photography, but your idea is amazing! I like it a lot!! I think you did a good job and, of course your idea is really original! My congratulations!

LeMouton- Very original and very funny idea!! I like the light of your picture, and how you prepared something very simple but using a good technique. Congratulations also for your idea and your work!!

Olivier- It's a pity your problem with your camera. I hope you'll recover your equipment soon. In any case, I would like to encourage you to post something about your last voyage in India and Himalaya.

Me- Well, I think it should be better if you give your opinion about my work with this challenge rather than me. In any case, my previous idea was, as I said, night photography; due to the fact that it's something almost rare for me. I tried my best with this picture of the city centre of Seville. I think it isn't original, but I hope you like it!

Good jobs, guys. I think Challenge #9 was a success! So, good luck with the next one!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Fernando R. Diz

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the delay, but those last weeks were a bit complicated for me. In any case, here is my proposal for the challenge number 9. I hope you'll like it!

This picture was taken in Sevilla (South of Spain) during the night of the 7th of november. I didn't use a tripod.

All the best!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Challenge #9 - LeMouton

The wake up time is also hard for birds, that's why they sing a lot.
Proof in the following :]

Challenge #8 - Review

Behold the final result for Challenge #8:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Pepe

Hi to all. Here there is my proposal for this challenge. I know it's not a picture, but I got the idea and I thought U would like it. I made it with a picture serial, and this is a good way to give to all of you as nice present as a sunset in mine and Fernando's city. I hope U will enjoy it, and Im sorry for doing it out of the previously stablished rules :) Enjoy and have fun! Ha det bra.
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Monday, 2 November 2009

Challenge #9 - Edu

So first again!!
I'd like to dedicate this shot to my bro for being so patient with me taking the picture. ;)

From dusk till dawn, originally uploaded by selied.