Saturday, 25 April 2009

Challenge #1 - Review

Hi everybody (though it's not yet a lot of people ^^) !

Sorry I know I'm a bit late, but here is my review of the first challenge.
First things first, I have been surprised by what you all came up with to answer this subject : "as time passes by".

Edu, you're idea of the strata formation was quite unexpected, and I loved it ! However as PJ commented, the photo lacks of a "real" subject that would attract the eye. It has a nice texture and warm colors, but one couldn't find a reading of this photo. Maybe you could have included a flower or a plant, or anything in foreground that would have directed the viewer.
Your first photo indeed doesn't need any explanation ^^
I like how you answered the subject, quite "logically", straight and simple !

Pepe, I don't like tobacco either, but your second photo speaks much more to me than the first one ^^
The idea of time passing by is well given and technically, I like the depth of field you use. In terms of processing and composition, I'd say you need a bit more contrasts on the subject and less on the background, which is a bit too visible to me.
About your first photo, I like the flare on your watch, but I think it doesn't answer so well to the subject. Even though it's a watch, it doesn't show any effect of time passing by...
Good job anyway !! :)

Fernando, great job ! I'd have the same comment about your first photo... only your "watch" is a bit different :P
I love your second photo and how it expresses the emptiness of the place. Everything seems so still and frozen !
Overall, I like the post-processing you used for both photos, though I'm not so fond of the yellow tone ^^

Last but not least, PJ ! Only one photo, but a lot of work, am I right ? ^^
I like how you took the subject for yourself to finally give your own interpretation. I know you were willing to participate with a totally different idea but well, this one's good too !
The shot of the alarm clock is really neat and well integrated, but it lacks of dynamism I think. However, the association of the title with the framed photo on your wall is funny ^^

About my own photo, I chose to work on the very first meaning of the subject. I must admit that when I posted the challenge, I had no idea of what I would produce :P
So I came up with this idea, knowing I would have to wait in the Pasteur Institute for some time on last saturday. I chose a diptych because I think it's a good way to "tell a story" and to link two photos together, using a similar post-processing for both photos.

Well, that's it !
Congratulations to all of you people, it was an interesting opening, and I hope we'll keep going on !

Monday, 20 April 2009

Challenge #2

At first, congratulations to all for your pictures. I like all them a lot.

There's the second chellenge of the project. Even all u are thinking on flowers, this is not the subject for the next two weeks. My challenge is:

"Simply water"
Starting: Monday, April 20, 2009.
Deadline: Sunday, May 10, 2009.

Good luck to all. I'm sure we'll give our best as always.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Challenge #1 - LeMouton

Hi everyone, I know you were waiting for me... so here I am with my picture! :-p

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Challenge #1 - Olivier

Hey guys, here's my photo for the challenge, a diptych !

I took it this morning at the Pasteur Institute, waiting to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and rabies :P

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Challenge #1 - Fernando

Hi everybody!

Here is my proposal for the first challenge: As time passes by.

First image is named as 'Sundial without sun'. It was taken in Puerto Real (Southwest of Spain).

Second picture is called 'Wandering around the salt mine'. It was taken in the entrance of an old salt mine in El Puerto de Santa María (also Southwest of Spain). This salt mine has been deserted for several decades, but it seems as time has not passed by there. Even the rocking chair is still there!!

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures!


Challenge #1 - Pepe

There's my proposal. I hope you'll enjoy them.
Pepe Muiños Celorio.

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Challenge #1 - Edu

FIRST! Ok, so this is my proposal. Hope you like them. ;)

I don't think I'll have to explain the first photo, the second one are "strata" I found last time I went to Hovedøya (Oslo, Norway). More info about this island here.

Edit: I've been asked about the second photo many times, therefore I'll add just that strata formation needs thousands, millions of years. "As time passes by..." ;)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Challenge #1

Here you go for our first challenge !

Subject is : "As time passes by".
Participation deadline on the 19th of April 2009, 11:59PM.

I hope you'll get some inspiration ! I don't know if we should give a limit to the number of photos per person. I'd say not more than two... give your best :)