Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Challenge #6

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay I forgot to launch challenge #6 !!
So here you go :

Subject: "Gone"
Deadline: 5th of July, 23:59

See you in two weeks :P

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Challenge #5 - Fernando R. Diz

Hi everybody!

Well, I recognise, as Pepe, that I haven't too much time to think about the challenge. This is my proposal. In any case I hope you'll enjoy it!

Challenge #5 - Pepe

Im sorry for this picture. I know It's very simple, and to be honest, I didn't take time enough to think about this subject :S I'll try to make another one if I have time before tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you to enjoy it.
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Challenge #5 - LeMouton

Here is the participation of Pidjay. He's got some problems with his internet connection so I'm posting it for him !

Edit Pidjay:
First, thanks to Olivier for posting my picture yesterday ;)

Then a short explanation about my pictures (yes, I added a new one ^^). The point was to treat the subject without showing any fire (just like the "Simply water" challenge where I didn't use any water). I came up with the idea of the first picture but I wasn't so satisfied with it. So I decided to take more pictures with a slightly different idea. I didn't want to show fire but why couldn't I show remains of fire? I also added some details to the match to personify it.
Hope you'll like my idea.

Challenge #5 - Edu

While taking the picture I was hoping not to trigger the fire alarm in my building. Luckily it didn't happen. :P

Edit: I know it looks similar to those of Pepe and LeMouton from last challenge but my idea was to do something with fireballs, unfortunately I didn't have time to make them. :(

Challenge #5 - Olivier

Hey you :)

So here is my participation to the fifth challenge. As soon as I read the subject, I had this in mind :

I'm not fully satisfied with it though... that's the first time I was using an off-camera flash and I didn't have time to tweak the exposure, as the girl had to go :(
And I'm still waiting for some gels to put on my flash. Here the flash light is white and the flame yellow, that's really not appropriate ^^

But anyway I hope you like the idea !
Here's what I had already taken some time ago which I would have liked to put here :

Monday, 8 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Review

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you on your work with this challenge! It's really nice the originality of each picture.

Olivier - I wasn't just dissapointed! I really like a lot your personal style of your pictures. This photography is perfect! I didn't think about any point of light in such explicit way, but I think you were really careful studying the situation and selecting the composition. Even, I would like to congratulate you on using the square format for this composition. I think it really gives the strenth of the photo. Congratulations!!

Pepe - You spend too much time with LeMouton, or he spends too much time with you. I don't know :) Your idea is simple and nice! I like a lot your second picture. It's almost what I was looking for when I proposed the challenge. I think you got a good texture. Just one thing, be careful with exposition. If you look carefuly the image, the small finger is completely white. Anyway it's a good picture.
Your first image is very original! I like a lot the colours. They make the image a bit disturbing (I'm not sure if this is the word). I would like to propose you to try the square format for this image. What do you think?

LeMouton - Just one picture but very nice! I'm just imaging the rest of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. :)
I think the exposition selected emphasizes the texture of the hand. Fingers also create a good composition. Congratulations!!

My own picture - Well, I can't critizise my own picture. I know it isn't original. When I proposed the challenge I was thinking on this picture. I were lucky and the last Friday was cloudy. I was editing other photographs when I saw this 'touch of light' through the window. So I took my camera and just shoot it. This is the result. I'm sorry for not being more original, but I had my camera with the sensor completely dusty. If you know how can I clean it? :)

Edu - Such a nice idea!!! Completely shocking!! Very nice!! How did you got it? and how did you got this blue lights? Very simple but very original! I like it! Congratulations!

Challenge #5

So, here it is challenge number 5.

Subject: "Playing with fire"
Deadline: 21th of June 2009

I hope you enjoy with this subject. ;)

Challenge #4 - Edu

Enjoy. :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Fernando

Hi all! Here is my unique proposal to the challenge of 'A touch of light':

This town is where I live, its name is Puerto Real. Yesterday in the afternoon I saw this 'touch of light' over the town. I'm sorry 'cause I had some extra ideas for this challenge, but I have some technical problems with my camera. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Challenge #4 - LeMouton

Hi everyone!

As usual I just post one picture... I hope you'll like it ;)

Challenge #4 - Pepe

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Challenge #3 - Review

For this challenge, I had no precise idea of what I expected. I just wanted you to think about this simple word to give your best :)

You were the first this time and you give us a really great job! Both of your pics are well composed and well thinked! My preference goes to your first one. Everything in the composition is related to the bow of the rainbow. Really a great job!

I don't have much to say for the first picture... Too much houses, no really main subject, ... a bit messy for me ^^' But I really like your second photography. That's very simple but a good job :)

You've got an original idea for this subject. I'm so glad of this because that's what I wanted :p
But I don't understand why you only took your color wheel without any composition. Your picture looks more like a drawing than a photography...

Let's try for the next challenge (I know you already did it ^^)

About my own photo, I thought about a B&W composition to take the opposite way of the subject which is all about colors. So I came up with the idea of using my bow and some drops of water to represent my own interpretation of the subject. Finally I used a touch of color to enhance the presence of the water on the bow.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Challenge #4 - Olivier

Hi guys :)

Sorry again that I didn't post anything on the previous challenge...
To compensate, here is my participation to Fernando's challenge already !

This has been taken in a tunnel of an old parisian railway called "la petite ceinture". It was used before the subway was built in the early twenties, from 1862 to 1934, circling around Paris at that time. A large part of the railway is still present, and quite easy to access when you know the entrance points :)